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We have been working with Laura for over a year. She is the definition of Professionalism. Our teenage daughter has loved working with her, and has excelled in flute with her school band as a result. Laura has expanded our daughter's interest beyond band so that she is now participating in a flute ensemble, which is very exciting for us. Laura is always on time, forgiving of not enough practice and yet stern about it, and bottom line an incredible instructor. She is also very kind and easy to work with as a parent (and for the student). I highly recommend her!

Christy T.

My son, Ian, is having a wonderful experience being taught flute by Laura Kaufman. She brings the best combination of playfulness and seriousness to the lessons. She always has new approaches - and sometimes useful gadgets - to get her message about good embouchure and breathing across. She is encouraging and supportive. I recommend her highly!

Suzanne N.

In my time studying with Laura, her passion and confidence in her own flute playing was evident in her teaching, and she made me become a more passionate and confident flautist. She was an amazing teacher, made concepts easy to understand and achieve, and pushed me to become better each week!

Hannah T.

Laura Kaufman is an exceptionally qualified and insightful flute teacher. She has tailored lessons for my daughter to overcome personal areas of difficulty, using problem-solving strategies to figure out the best way to work to achieve success in her playing. Laura is professional, personable, and comfortable to work with, while challenging my daughter to rise to her potential. She doesn’t give empty praise, but will certainly congratulate when work is done well. Excellent pacing--not too fast or slow.

Nancy N.

Organized and knowledgeable, firm but friendly and warm with a younger student. Student knows what she needs to do, is motivated to practice and is enjoying the learning experience too - she looks forward to her lesson with Laura!!

Susmita S.

I have had an absolutely amazing experience with Laura. I am an adult student who has taken many lessons through my high school and post college years with different teachers. I resumed lessons a couple of weeks ago and I've had three lessons with Laura since. I can say by far that Laura has been the best superb! She has accurately dissected my challenges with playing the flute and has been able to use multiple techniques to address them. She is introducing me to technologies that are helping me along in my practice sessions and in my lessons. I am most impressed by her ability to subtly observe my playing posture, lips, jaw, breathing, articulation and to put it all together to help me to revise my playing. I am struggling to unlearn some bad habits that I apparently had developed previously. Again, in conclusion, I feel extraordinarily fortunate to have found Laura and am excited to see how my playing progresses!

Cynthia C.

Our daughter joined Dr. Mowry’s studio the summer before her junior year of high school, and is now a freshman at the New England Conservatory, in Boston.  

Dr. Mowry is a kind, thoughtful, patient, and all around amazing teacher under whom our daughter thrived. Beyond her wonderful teaching, Dr. Mowry steered us through the music school application process, mentored and advised our daughter, and always went above and beyond. She is dedicated to the success of her students. 

We are incredibly grateful for Dr. Mowry, and recommend her highly! 

Thi & Mike K. 

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